Monday, July 10, 2017

Potty talk

When you travel, the thing that is the biggest elephant in the room is how the bowels are running. 
Have you drunk enough water?
Are you going to be traveling all day without a clear option of getting to use a toilet.
Is the toilet going to be something you can see yourself using?
 Is it clean enough? 
Private enough? 
A squatty potty?
 A western toilet? 
Do you have a choice? 
Who knows? Not always. If you've gotta go. You've gotta go! 

If you haven't been drinking enough water and it's really hot, what will happen? 
The runs.
The quick trots. 
The squirts.
Monte zumza's revenge.
Cramps and diarrhea.
Our biggest question is.....
Have you cleaned out the pipes? 

Sometimes the opposite happens.Stage fright!
The fear of what might happen if you have to go and there may not be a toilet or the toilet is scary. 
You just hold it in. 
For days. 
Until all you can think about is how much has gone in and how much hasn't come out. 
How is that possible? 
What might happen at some point? 
Where will I be when that "some point" happens.
Will we be on a train in India? Nope, not going to happen! 

Ever seen an Indian train toilet? Yes, this just about sums it up. A big nope!! 

This gem of a bathroom above surprised me a bit. I walked into the bathroom at a tourist location and there was this row of toilets. Umm no.....just no.... Then I saw there was one in a private room. Phew.... 

So we talk about our bowels when we travel. Yup, pretty much whenever.
Hey Sandra! Have you been going yet? No? Me neither 🙄:(
Hey Craig! Have you cleaned out the pipes yet? Ya! Great! I can't wait till my pipes are clear! 😉

On another note! I LOVE the bum cleaners that lots of counties have. The ones that sit beside the toilets so that you can spray off your backside afterwards? So nice! A little shower for your bum 🤗.

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