Monday, March 20, 2017

Guatemala and Belize 2017

We decided to go and explore an area of central America that we haven't yet been to. Guatemala  was our last Central American country left unexplored. So off we went in Feb. 2017 to see a little part of Guatemala and go back to Belize for the 4th time to revisit.

We started our journey flying into Belize city and taking a small plane into Flores, Guatemala. We landed and went to our little guesthouse for a night. The next morning we took a bus to Tikal to hike around the ruins. We spent the day hiking the large Myan ruins and spent the night at a hotel in the jungle.

The next day we took a local bus back to Flores, where we spent another 3 days. We loved the friendly people, the great nacho platters and being on the lake.

Sitting on our rooftop deck at Flores Boutique Hotel with some guacamole, fresh salsa and chips. Plus a cold glass of white wine to sit on as we watched life pass us by on the lake.

 We took a 1 1/2 hour bus ride out to Tikal National Park. We spent the day hiking around the park, climbing the ruins and enjoying the area.

                                        I "PASARed just a little.

Sitting up top temple #4. The highest temple in Tikal 

One of our favourite places to have breakfast or coffee or a beer looking out over the lake.

After 5 nights we took a bus back to Belize to be on the ocean. We went directly to Belize city where we then took a boat taxi out to Caye Caulker. Back to the island that has held our love for almost 15 years. Caye Caulker had definitely changed.

                     Our favourite bakery on Cay Caulker 

 It is now much busier and the small mom and pop guesthouses have been replaced by larger hotels and restaurants. we were a little disappointed. We spent 2 nights on Caye Caulker and decided to move on to Ambergris Caye to explore a place we had heard was quite popular. We booked 2 nights at a small guesthouse and spent some time driving around the island on a golf cart and walking many miles, exploring beaches and small little streets. 

We found a rotisserie chicken place and our mouths watered. So we picked up a chicken with a cold watermelon on the side and had an amazing lunch on the beach. 

We realized that San Pedro was really to busy for us and decided that we needed to find a smaller different island to spend our last 5 days. So off we went to Tobacco Caye.

               We went scuba diving for my birthday. It was amazing. We saw the biggest turtle I've ever seen, different types of rays, lots of colourful fish and I even got to spear fish lion fish!!

We stayed the first 2 nights at Paradise cabins. Our little cabin sat right over the water. We spent many days sitting on our deck watching the stingrays swim past sipping our cold beer.

 Dean went diving for conch a few times and our kitchen ladies prepared some amazing ceviche and conch fritters. 

Our cabins came with sea kayaks and paddle boards. SO we took advantage of them and paddled around the island a few times. 

We met so many people on the island. We met this couple from BC that has been to Tobacco Caye 9 times or more. We will hopefully catch up with them the next time we go. We also met many other people that we got to hang out with for the 5 days hanging out on the island. We loved all the conversations we had and the fun times going out for a snorkel or looking out over the water chatting. 

We really loved Tobacco Caye from the moment we saw it. It is the size of a football field and is right on the reef. Love it!! We enjoyed walking circles around the island, visiting other tourists and locals, snorkelling, diving, fishing for conch, and sitting in the sun with a book. We will definitely go back.

15 days. 10 planes. 10 beds. 4 boats. 3 buses. What a trip!