Monday, November 30, 2015

Around the world dream

For about 10 years or so, Dean and I have been dreaming of taking our family on a trip that would encompass the globe. We thought that we would love to take a year off from our lives and go without a firm long term destination. Six years ago we did a version of that dream. We sold our dream home and put our physical lives in a shed and traveled, house sat and worked for about a year and a half. It was the most awesome, amazing time of our lives. A the little part we did not do was actually go around the entire globe. So now it is time. We are in the process of buying an around the world ticket. We will go east. We will be gone for 4 months. We will step foot on 5 continents, we will visit 7 or more countries. We will visit about 5 new countries. We will go as a family.

We have changed our flight itinerary so many times in the last month, that I hesitate to put it here in writing right now. But as soon as it is finalized, I will put it here, in our travel diary. To be looked at for many years to come.

I also have a Facebook travel page with the same "our family travels" name. I usually put lots of pictures on that page as Facebook is the easiest way to upload pictures when the internet is sketchy.

Keeping the dream alive