Thursday, September 15, 2011

summertime pictures

Summer is coming to an end.
 I was looking through a few summer pictures and thought I would put a few of my favorite summer pictures here.

                                    I just love toasted tomato sandwiches

                                      There is no better summer time vegi

      When we were is Greece years ago. We met a woman names Michelle who was there with her 2 girls. She came from Switzerland.  We hung out for the week that we were there and learned one of her favorite summertime things to do is go camping. When they camp, they eat Hachlette (needs to be said with a strong Dutch accent). We nicknamed it Shlapkey( needs to be said with a strong German accent)..
This yummy dish is our new favorite summertime treat!! 

The warm bubbly cheese is perfect on a slice of fresh baguette. 

    Our pond was our favorite summer place on our yard this year. The water was so warm and deep blue

  Fishing at Grand Rapids was our favorite summer time fishing spot this year. This is some of what we experience while up North. So great!!