Monday, August 30, 2010

picking up the supplies

Today I had to go to Morden so I stopped in at a house that Dean and Colton are working on. It just happened to be a similar style house to our new house. It was neat to see the colors the home owners had picked and we saw how some things we had decided we wanted to do would look in real.

This weekend we stopped in Winnipeg  to pick up electrical wire, plug boxes and satellite,computer,phone wire. All in all, we came home with a load of work that we will start doing this week.

As the carpenters get further along in their part it will make more work for us to do. Dean and I also planned on starting to frame the walls in the basement this week. But with all the rain, it may have to wait. We can also start placing the electrical plug boxes on the exterior walls, so we can start pulling wires as soon as the interior walls are framed.

When I was in Winkler today. I also stopped by Elias woodworking to pick out our kitchen cabinet door style for the cabinet builders and Janzen's for paint colors for the stucco.  We have picked the shingles so the next step is the house exterior colors.

With those chores done and the last bit of school shopping done we are in good shape. Now for the rain to stop so we can get to work!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


After many delays, rain and wind, the rafters are finally on! This means we are just a little closer to getting started with the interior work that we will be doing ourselves. Other than the ground work and the concrete prep, we have hired the other work (roughing up) out. This means that we are on their schedule. It also means Dean has time to work at his real job(he has been busy since we got home) and also so that we had time to get the foundation (garage pad, basement floor, house footing) done ourselves during the time that the builders where building. So far it has worked out great. Other than lots of evenings spent at the house working and one really long (12 hour days) weekend. We have left the main building to the builders, which has meant we have had time to work our regular jobs during the week and camp on some weekends.
the back of the garage

the front of the garage

from the garage looking into the house

Friday, August 20, 2010

For Sharon

Today I met my friend Sharon and she asked where the lastest house pictures are. So here they are Sharon. Thanks for caring....

The guys are hard at work getting the garage walls built.
They were almost finished as of Thursday afternoon.

The rafters finally arrived this week. They are a confusing bundle.

They are almost finished with the garage here. It  is almost looking a little to big now that the garage walls are up. Oh oh....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ready for the roof

Things seem to be going slower than we had hoped but the house walls are finally up, the garage pad is poured and the walls for the garage are going to be started tomorrow.

                          The back of the house.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

walls are rising up!

The view from the road.

Yeah, walls!

Our bedroom and office area

Our great worker Adam. Going home from a hard days work.
The garage pad is ready for cement.

We are so happy to finally see walls. I now have a clearer picture of sizes of rooms and windows. The rafters are supposed to be here on Monday. It is another weekend of waiting to see it they will be true to their word. So far the truss/rafter company we are using has not been delivering on schedule.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

watching the sunset from our house

We have a floor! We can now walk around on the main floor of our new house. On Monday they plan to start builing the walls!!

Miranda checking out our view to the East.

We started out with bare land. After a long evening and an even longer day. We have our garage pad ready for rebar and floor heat.

This morning we needed a skid steer to move three truck loads of gravel. This too was there when we needed it. We have been blessed time and time again with what we need exactly when we need it.
God is good!

An 11 hour day, but very worth it.

We also got the house backfilled to make it easier to work around.
The view from my livingroom. next year I'm thinking a nice field of flax would be good. It would feel like we are in a cabin overlooking a lake. I need to talk with the farmer who will plant it.

At the end of our long day. My favorite neighbour Mary stopped by, we sat on the edge of the house and talked as we watched the sun set. Hmmm, I love the area we live in. It is just perfect.....