Sunday, January 18, 2009

scuba diving in Utila

The second week that we were in Honduras we travelled by boat to a very small island called Utila. We wanted to do some scuba Diving and snorkeling. We also heard that Utila is where the Whale Sharks migrate this time of year. Our first trip out we were told by the captain of the boat that there had been some sightings recently and he hoped to spot them. We dove our first tank and when we stopped for our first tank interval the boat captain said that Whale Sharks had been spotted and we took off on the hunt. A few miles out we came to the first one. They briefed us on the procedure to enter the water and how to approach the great beauties. Whe made a pass in front of the first one and we all slipped into the water with our snorkel gear and swam as fast as possible to get a glimpse. The first half were lucky and had a great look. The back half of of us entering the water were to far back to get a good look. So the captain took off once we were all back in the boat to get another look. This time I scooted to the back with Colton in front of me. I wanted to make sure Colton had a chance to swim with the next one.
A few minutes later we found another big one. About 25 feet long and beautiful. What a sight! We once again silently slipped into the water and there it was, right in front of us. Slowly gliding through the water, in no hurry to get away from us. It actually looked like it wanted us to get a good look. Apparently when they realize there are people near they often dive down, but this one swam slowly away from us giving us a great look! Wow what an adventure. There are people who have worked these waters for years as scuba instructors and have never seen a Whale Shark. There were a lot of happy people on our boat that day.

During our dives we met a guy with a camera that dove in our group. Genrally I don't like diving with photographers because they often don't watch where they are going as they are so into taking pictures. I have been kicked and bumped from them trying to get a great shot. But this guy was great. He stayed back and was very respectful of the rest of us. At the end of our dive he asked if he could take a picture of us and we said that that would be great. So he sent us a link to his picture account.

This is a blurry picture of the Whale Shark.

These are a few of the things that we saw during our dive in Utila.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

kids pictures

We are home from Honduras. We are happy to be home. We are resting up from a very tiring 2 weeks away. It always amazes me how a person can go so long without much sleep. It's the noise I think that keeps us from sleeping. For some reason people in Central America don't need as much sleep as I do. We are kept awake by noisy people often till 3 or 4 in the morning. If it's not the people its their dogs and then the roosters start at about 5 am. Last night I thought I am in my own bed and I will have a great sleep, but we left our pillows at the orphanage and the pillow I had at home was not my usual pillow so once again I couldn't sleep. Oh well, sooner or later sleep will come.
Here are a bunch more great pictures of our time with the kids.

Here are a few more moments at the orphanage.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

orphanage pictures

Here are some long awaited pictures of the kids at the orphanage.Colton and Miranda had fun playing with all the kids while we were there.

I cut all the kids hair one day. Wow they all sat so still. I couldnt have done it otherwise.
We supervised the kids during there play time. They have lots of energy. We were ready for a break soon after.

Miranda carries Nellie around all the time. Colton spent time on the floor with the little ones or helping to feed or hold them.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

La Ceiba orphanage

We just left La Ceiba yesterday and we are now in Utila. A small island near Roatan. We had an amazing week hanging out with the kids. It was funny how some days we meant to just walk by on the beach and were drawn to stop in and each time we did we were greated with hugs and screams of joy from the kids. We usually grabbed a toy, wiped a nose fed a baby or caught a jumping 4 year old. It was just to fun to pass up. Colton and Mirandas prayers each day included thanks for being able to visit the kids. Colton usually spent his whole time with the kids on the floor holding a 1 year old or carrying Nelly around because thats what she liked was to be held. Miranda also says.Mom eveytime we go there Nelly wants me to carry her, and I like it. The best time for our kids this week was the time we spent at the orphanage with the kids. I will TRY to post some pictures asap. It has taken all my time on the internet so far checking emails and doing this post. So my time is up for now. Please continue to pray for safety for our family and also keep the orphanage in your prayers as they are in a transition from having regular help to having none. They are looking for some more permanent help for their home and its hard to find in Central America.