Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Crib sheets and God

I have a very cool story about how God talks to me.
We have been trying to figure out our trip this winter with the kids. It started out that we were thinking Thailand and it very quickly changed back to Central America. Central America was not necessarily our first choice as we thought it would be nice to do something very different this year. But overseas was seemingly not going to happen right now. Well, O.K. we thought than where, where should we go? There are lots of possibilities. Central America is huge.
During some goggling and research, we came across Honduras. Oh ya, we thought. We had looked into Honduras last year and there are some really cool things about that country that we had forgotten about in the excitement of Asia.
So still undecided but very interested we looked some more to see what kinds of possible things there would be for us. One thing that has been on my mind for a while is to visit and help out in an orphanage. We have been learning about kids in Africa that are dying of dirty drinking water and HIV and all sorts of other horrible things and in my mind I thought we were being called to help these little children who were so alone in the world. I saw a picture of us and these little kids playing and their little dark hands holding ours as we skipped and played and colored pictures.
I went to a web site of an orphanage in Honduras that I found near the area that we are thinking we are going to go. The first picture I see is of six little dark skinned girls smiling at me. This is the exact picture that I keep seeing in my mind. So I looked further into this orphanage and looked to see if they accepted help or visits from people like our family. Yes, they love to have people come and play with the kids and yes, they do need things like mosquito spray, sun screen, books, crayons, toothpaste and crib sheets. Well I have all these things at home already, other than the crib sheets but I’m sure that someone has some that they are done with or there is always MCC. So I got out my bag and went through our camper stuff and found 3 bottles of sunscreen and bug spray and the kids have tones of books they don’t read any more. Wow, before you knew it I had a big bag packed full of things for the kids. Other than the crib sheets I had lots of stuff.
As I was thinking this, my mom came over to pick up some freezer stuff that I had for her. As we were talking I asked what she was up to for the day. She said “ Oh not too much. I am on my way to town. I’m going out for lunch with my friend and I need to go to MCC to bring them a bag of crib sheets that I found in the closet”. Mmmm… God is so much fun. I love it!