Sunday, September 21, 2008

potato gleaning

We went with a group of people from our church potato gleaning. It was a really beautiful day to be out side. We all met in town and off we went with our trucks and pails. I had no idea that there were so many potatoes left behind after the harvester was done. We ended up with lots of potatoes. They were then brought to the food bank and a few people around town who could use some extra food for their families. We also kept some potatoes to make potato soup for SOUP SUNDAY. ( Sept. 28 at Seeds church).
The kids had a blast running around the field trying to find the biggest potato. I think Dean won the prize of the biggest.

I wondered as we were out there if people who are hungry know that they could get potatoes this way. But the question is I guess how would they get to the field? I hope that these potatoes will bring nourishment to many.